359 Day 7

I went to Meijer tonight at 2 in the morning for feminine products and toilet paper; the things we run out of at inopportune times.  While I was there I found a good selection of winter boots in my size, I’m getting a pair, and athletic shoes also.  I tried on several pair and am torn between a nice running shoe and those shoes that make you work out harder.  I’m still looking for a car, so money might be tight, but I want new shoes so I can at least work-out at home until I get my gym membership.  Yesterday I had potatoes, squash risotto, apple crisp and popcorn.  I was light-headed, my stomach hurt and I had a headache.  I think it’s because I didrn’t have any protein.



360 Day 6

Short post tonight.  I didn’t work out, as usual, this will most likely be common until I get my gym  membership.   I made some Garbanzo bean sandwich spread, only tonight, it upset my stomach.  No more of that.  I had spread sandwiches and pickles.  Maybe it was the pickles, Idk.  I’m not eating either again until I have a day off.

361 Day 5

Once again I did not workout today, BUT I was talking to some of the girls at work about a gym membership.  I have been trying to find one in Manistee and there is one that’s open from 5:30am to 9:00pm that costs $50 a month.  There is the three classes a week I was going to do for $60 a month and then there is AFC Center, that is open 24hrs and costs $30 a month,  It’ll cost me a little in gas to run to Manistee and Ludington everyday, but to be healthy, it’s worth it.  I’m going to calculate the gas mileage and costs.  I’m still working on my meal plan for the next month.  Yesterday I had an omelet, hashbrowns and toast for breakfast and cabbage rolls for lunch with chickpea sandwich spread sandwiches for dinner.

362 Day 4

I had today off.  I spent most of it cleaning and doing back logged chores that needed to be done.  I ate lentil burgers and Mexican corn salad for lunch, and lentil burgers and fried seasoned potatoes for dinner with popcorn as a snack.  I also had an ice cream sandwich.  After my next pay day I’m going to start doing Zumba three times a week, with a light walk on the other two weekdays to supplement.   I haven’t worked out since the first day, but doing all the chores today counts for something.  I didn’t just sit around idle.  I’m working on my meal plan right now.  I also need to work on getting more sleep.  I think that will help also.

363 Day 3

Today wasn’t as bad as yesterday as far as bad food eating.  I had a garbanzo and butternut squash salad for breakfast and lunch, and a veggies burger with mayo, onion, jalapeno, and pineapple, on fry bread, and a bunch of popcorn.  I didn’t get to workout today, partially because I didn’t get up in time, and partially because the last time I worked out in my room, my aunt made fun of me for shaking the floor.  So I need a designated place to do this.  I think my other aunt’s abandoned trailer in the field would be perfect for it.  I can go down there and take my computer if I have to…yeas, I think that would work out perfectly.  My abs are still feeling the four minute workout from the day before yesterday.  I didn’t stretch them out afterwards, and I think it might have been a little too intense for a beginner.  I’m going to look up beginner workouts tonight before bed, as well as plan out my weeks worth of meals with what I have in my cupboards.  Getting skinny on a budget.  We’ll see if it works.

364: Day 2

So today has been a bad “healthy eating” day.  Terrible actually.  I had to work early so I didn’t get to eat breakfast.  I made a vegetarian chicken Alfredo dish last night to take to work with me, and I ended up eating half of it for breakfast.  I was exhausted because I didn’t get enough sleep last night so I bought a Pepsi from the vending machine.  When I got out of work I was so hungry that I got Burger King AND Wendy’s.  Sooo not good.  I’m still beyond tired, so working out will have to wait until I’m rested.  I WILL do the same workout today though.  Meal planning is in order.  I have to go back to meal planning and calorie counting in order to loose weight.  It’s the only way.

Food Intake Today:

2 cups whole whest noodles 400 calories

1 cup soy milk 90 calories

1 Quorn chicken patty 80 calories

1 cup Parmesan cheese 400 calories

1 1/2 cup broccoli 45 calories

Medium onion ring from BK  320 calories

BK veggie burger made western style 470 calories

1 pack of zesty sauce 150 calories

Wendy’s small fry 440 calories

Wendy’s ranch dip 200 calories

2 pieces of yellow cake 500

Total: 3095  WOW!

OMG, I have to remember the phrase, “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.”

Meal planning, most definitely.  So I’m going to take a nap and then plan out a week’s worth of healthy eating with a 1,600 calorie a day goal.

365 Begins Today

In August, a few family members and I started a “weight loss challenge.”  We all vowed to loose 20% of our body weight in 6 months.  My goal was to loose 50 pounds.  I would like to loose 100 in total over the course of a year.  Things started out well, we were all motivated, but as good ideas usually go, we drifted and went back to old eating habits and daily routines.  Last week we did not weigh in, which was fine with me, because I had been eating junk food all week and my nemesis, bread.  I weighed myself yesterday and noticed that the ten pounds I had lost in September, was creeping back, so I decided to do something about it.  I am committing myself to one year of working out everyday.  Everyday I am going to sweat my ass off, starting today.  I can’t afford a gym, so I will be using my country road and the small amount work-out equipment that I own.  Eventually, hopefully before snowfall, I will get a gym membership when finances allow.  I will use this blog as a journal for my journey, both for a physical and food log.  I will record my slip ups and successes.  This will serve as my personal fitness and food journal, because journaling helps me keep things in check.

So today, I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal and soy milk.  I did not count the calories.  I also had a veggie burger with pineapple, onion, jalapeno,mayo, and Parmesan cheese, and garlic/Parmesian garlic fries with ranch.  Not a good healthy eating day.  I am going to do this workout for one week to see if it is as miraculously effect as it makes itself out to be.  Starting today.

World\’s Fastest Workout

Warm Up

1. (Do for 20 seconds) Squat Thrust

2. Rest for 10 seconds

 3. (Do for 20 seconds) Mountain Climbers

4. Rest for 10 seconds

5. (Do for 20 seconds) High Knees


Standing Crunch/Steam Engine

6. Rest  for 10 seconds

7. (Do for 20 seconds) Jumping Jacks

8. Rest for 10 seconds

Repeat steps 1 – 8.

Cool Down

Results will be posted at the end of the workout.

Update: Holy hell!  OK, this is a tough one.  The squat thrusts are death, but effective.  It’s a very intense ab workout.  We’ll see if tomorrow is better.