365 Begins Today

In August, a few family members and I started a “weight loss challenge.”  We all vowed to loose 20% of our body weight in 6 months.  My goal was to loose 50 pounds.  I would like to loose 100 in total over the course of a year.  Things started out well, we were all motivated, but as good ideas usually go, we drifted and went back to old eating habits and daily routines.  Last week we did not weigh in, which was fine with me, because I had been eating junk food all week and my nemesis, bread.  I weighed myself yesterday and noticed that the ten pounds I had lost in September, was creeping back, so I decided to do something about it.  I am committing myself to one year of working out everyday.  Everyday I am going to sweat my ass off, starting today.  I can’t afford a gym, so I will be using my country road and the small amount work-out equipment that I own.  Eventually, hopefully before snowfall, I will get a gym membership when finances allow.  I will use this blog as a journal for my journey, both for a physical and food log.  I will record my slip ups and successes.  This will serve as my personal fitness and food journal, because journaling helps me keep things in check.

So today, I had a bowl of Fiber One cereal and soy milk.  I did not count the calories.  I also had a veggie burger with pineapple, onion, jalapeno,mayo, and Parmesan cheese, and garlic/Parmesian garlic fries with ranch.  Not a good healthy eating day.  I am going to do this workout for one week to see if it is as miraculously effect as it makes itself out to be.  Starting today.

World\’s Fastest Workout

Warm Up

1. (Do for 20 seconds) Squat Thrust

2. Rest for 10 seconds

 3. (Do for 20 seconds) Mountain Climbers

4. Rest for 10 seconds

5. (Do for 20 seconds) High Knees


Standing Crunch/Steam Engine

6. Rest  for 10 seconds

7. (Do for 20 seconds) Jumping Jacks

8. Rest for 10 seconds

Repeat steps 1 – 8.

Cool Down

Results will be posted at the end of the workout.

Update: Holy hell!  OK, this is a tough one.  The squat thrusts are death, but effective.  It’s a very intense ab workout.  We’ll see if tomorrow is better.


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