361 Day Five (Again)

I went to see Magic Mike over the weekend and Alex Pettyfer, lovely face, not a great stripper body.  Channing Tatum is perfect and can move his body like water ripples.  Beautiful men, sigh… 🙂  Anyway, so today I tried to walk on the treadmill, but again it quit on me, so I had to go back out and walk in the field.

I walked 1.39 miles and burned 189 calories.  I would have walked more, but it was almost 90 degrees and I was starting to feel faint and see vivid color again, so stopping was needed.  I want to push myself harder tomorrow if i can get the damn treadmill to work.



362 Day Four (Again)

I went swimming recreationally  today instead of walking.  I  spent two hours in the water. According to Weight Watchers I earned 14 activity points, my quota for the week.  I had no sunscreen on so my face freckles got some exposure.  My eating today was pretty good.  I managed to sty within points.

363 Day Three (Again)

I popped a blister on my left heel yesterday.  I walked for only 25 minutes today because my heel hurt so bad.  Tomorrow I’m going in flip flops.  Nana always walked in crocks, I think I can handle flippy-floppys.  I walked 1.26 miles and burned 172 calories.  On Saturday I’m going to clean off the porch in the shade and put the treadmill on it.  I hope that doesn’t  effect the inner thigh muscle strengthening  that happens when walking through the field.  I got my new phone yesterday.  I’m not sure I care for it, but it’s better than my little flip phone.

364 Day Two (again)

I woke up at noon after Skyping ’til 3a with my sweet.  Which was good because I don’t need to sleep all day.  Now I’m lounging on my bed in front of my fan, cooling off.  I walked 1.69 miles, which took me 36 minutes and 22 seconds; calories burned 229.  I could have pushed myself to walk that last .31 mile, but I was starting to see colors strangely so I figured it was time to quit for the day.  I want to be able to walk a mile in 15 minutes.  I did it in 22 today, not good.  I need to shave six minutes off of that before I can even think about running or walking  a marathon.  I’m also considering going to Ludington Fitness two to three times a week. We’ll see how that fits with my schedule.  This is all dependent on my ability to wake up earlier.

This will be $60 a month.  BOOT CAMP & ZUMBA  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday  9:00 am to 10:00 am.

I think it would be a good thing because I could hand out AVON books after.  I need to find a new place to live too.


Back to Start 365

Some family tragedies have occurred in the last few months…so this is me getting back on track.  I bought a treadmill from a friend, tried to use it today and it died, lol.  So I went out back to the circle track my Nana had made a few years ago.  I walked five laps around it and used my iPod’s fitness tracker to record my progress.  Walking around the track is a better work out because the terrain is uneven.  It’s basically a chunk of field that has been mowed.

I only had time for a 15 minute walk today, but that fifteen minutes helped me a lot.  I got to see my progress on my iPod and was very motivated to do more.  So tomorrow I’m going to go out and walk again.  I walked .78 of a mile in 15 minutes and burned 105 calories.  Tomorrow I’d like to do half an hour to an hour and at least a mile  I know I can do it.

Brittany invited me to do a marathon with her in September.  September 9 to be exact.  So I have roughly two months to get into shape for this.  We’ll see if I can at least walk it.

So here are today’s stats: 256 lbs.  Distance .78 miles.  Time 15 minutes.  Calories lost 105.