Back to Start 365

Some family tragedies have occurred in the last few months…so this is me getting back on track.  I bought a treadmill from a friend, tried to use it today and it died, lol.  So I went out back to the circle track my Nana had made a few years ago.  I walked five laps around it and used my iPod’s fitness tracker to record my progress.  Walking around the track is a better work out because the terrain is uneven.  It’s basically a chunk of field that has been mowed.

I only had time for a 15 minute walk today, but that fifteen minutes helped me a lot.  I got to see my progress on my iPod and was very motivated to do more.  So tomorrow I’m going to go out and walk again.  I walked .78 of a mile in 15 minutes and burned 105 calories.  Tomorrow I’d like to do half an hour to an hour and at least a mile  I know I can do it.

Brittany invited me to do a marathon with her in September.  September 9 to be exact.  So I have roughly two months to get into shape for this.  We’ll see if I can at least walk it.

So here are today’s stats: 256 lbs.  Distance .78 miles.  Time 15 minutes.  Calories lost 105.


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