The Bitter and Sweet of it…

Do you know how difficult it is to loose weight or think of anything good when you’re so stressed.  Not just normal stressed, but stressed, stressed, like, I don’t have money tot buy groceries stressed, like I just bought a new car stressed. I’m about to loose my house stressed. Fucking stressed.

I want to start weight watching again and I want to start getting exercise and motivated, but all of that costs money and time, that I do not have.  April is my target start date for this.  My 365 days will start on April one, that is the plan.  After I’m sure my house isn’t going to be foreclosed and I’m sure I’ll have the cash to buy actual groceries and not chemicals that masquerade as food.  I can’t wait. I’ve been going so far down hill…everything in life has been doing that.

This year has been nothing but torment, and I need the Universe to stop already.  What have I done to deserve this series of unfortunate events.  Maybe I need to rework my karma, something.  Something has to happen to make life get better.  I’m working on making that happen, but we’ll see how it goes.  I finally have a new car, hopefully one that won’t break every two weeks, now I just need to get my tax return back so I can pay off my land taxes and not loose my house.  My Gram is still very sick, terminal.  She’s in renal failure.

If I can make through March, things will get better. Please sweet Freija help me with this.