It’s been 12 days since I’ve had a cigarette.  Twelve days.  I’ve craved them…a lot.  I have a good support system though.  How much money can I save, health benefits, etc.  I think of these things, and stay focused.  I want to be healthy, taking care of my lungs is part of that.  Hopefully quitting will stick.   I want it to.  Quitting and losing weight are going to be ways that I un-trash my body.  I want my body to feel good, and this will help.


What will not help are unrealistic expectations, like working out every single day for a year.   So I’m setting a new goal.  I am going to eat healthy and exercise three times a week for 365 days and see how much weight I loose.  In order to do this I will have to manage my time better, and pre-plan.  Once I get paid, I’m going grocery shopping and then eating healthy.