If it was easy, everyone would do it.-Day 3

Ok…so yesterday when I said I didn’t feel anything…I need to retract that lol.  Today, I felt something.  I felt it in my hips and lower abs all day long, which was great! I felt it in my hip joints where my legs meet my torso…yowza!  So today’s workout was a little more intense. I worked out hard, as hard as I could without blacking out…there were times when I felt I would when I was doing those push ups, omg.  I did Daily Burn’s Strength and Cardio today.  It hurt like a mofo lol.  My legs shook, my arms shook, my head let floaty…I had to cool don after that a little, and it was amazing.

I didn’t eat breakfast again today.  Today, I had no breakfast, two instant oatmeals, two tablespoons of veggie creme cheese, some black olive and garlic hummus and some almond crackers, dinner was brussel sprouts, an apple walnuts and maple syrup all fried and baked to delicious perfection.  I drank lots of water also.  My tongue has that salt taste on it from the crackers and hummus. I didn’t eat a lot today and my body is hungry so I’m baking some fries…soooo bad of me. 😦

I also realized I didn’t set any goals.  My goal by day 30, is to have lost at least eight pounds.  My overall goal is to loose 130 pounds.  Let’s not get a head of ourselves.  For the next three months, I want to focus on loosing ten percent of my body weight, which would be 28 pounds.  Daily Burn and some good planning will help me with that I think.

So here i to day three of my 365 day self challenge. I quit smoking six months ago, I can do this too! I believe in myself and the strength of power and perseverance. I can do this!!!


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