Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day, 2016! Since my last post I have gone from 290 pounds to 273! That is a 21 pound weight loss.  I didn’t do it by exercising but by changing my eating habits.  I am trying to go vegan.  I am working towards a plant based diet so that I can be healthier and loose weight.  I have noticed that my feet swell when I eat too much salt. I’m worried bout that because that could mean high blood pressure, heart problems, liver problems, etc.  I should get checked by a doctor, but I can’t afford to.  In the U.S. medical attention is a luxury.

So I am doing what I can to heal myself, by working on loosing weight and getting healthy.  I have nightmares about my skin not snapping back…that scares me so much, but we will see what happens.  I started /daily Burn again.  Today I finished workout two, and today I will start journaling everything I eat, absolutely everything.  I will post at the end of the day.

This morning I started out with a glass (16 oz) of water mixed with “It Works” Greens.  My target today is 1700 calories.

Breakfast: Tofu Scramble Wraps (weekend indulgence)

11.75 oz of Nasoya extra firm tofu 320 cals with tumeric, garlic powder, onion powder, garlic cloves, onion, salt, pepper and fresh dill

1/4 cup of Daiya cheddar style shreds 90 cal

2 homemade tortillas 104.5 each total 209 cals

1 tbsp of Just Mayo, vegan mayonnaise 100

16 oz of water 0 cals

total: 719 cals


Lunch: Buffalo Seitan Wrap and grapes

8oz of grapes 156 cals

Home made tortilla 104.5 cals

half  cup of homemade coleslaw 227 cals

Half a homemade buffalo seitan patty 129.5 cals

16oz of water 0 cals

Total: 617

Dinner: Seitan buffalo wrap (small) and cucumbers

One quarter home made buffalo Seitan patty 65 cals

One home made tortilla 104.5

half cup coleslaw 227

One cucumber (free food)

zucchini hummus (free)

16oz of water 0 cals

Total:  396.5


Daily Total: 1732.5


A little over, but I can live with that. 🙂


I tried juicing for five days, lost 20 pounds, gained 10 back…by day five, I was vomiting…I had to stop.  Also, I read that the faster you loose weight, the less time your skin will have to snap back and adjust.  I don’t want to be one of those people with creepy saggy skin.  I  want to avoid that if possible, but being healthy is the most important thing.

So back to regular diet and exercise.  When I exercise, I have more energy and feel better about myself.  When I eat better I don’t feel like such a blob. So I have to remind myself of these things constantly on my journey.


So today, I am going to figure out how many calories I should consume in a day to loose weight.  Here is the formula:


281.5 (current weight) times 10 = 2,815 This formula calculates your base calories

To calculate your active calories multiply your current weight in pounds by____

3 if you are not active

5 if you are moderately active

8 if you a re very active

Mine is three for now. So, 281.5 times 3 = 844.5

Add your base calories and active calories to find the amount of calories you need to consume daily to maintain your current weight.

2,815 + 844.5 = 3,659.5

I am going to start with a 2000 calorie a day diet. This is what is recommended for a healthy diet ad I am over by 1, 659.5 calories.  I’m also going to restart my daily burn classes to get my body conditioned to start hiking trails this summer.

My long term weight loss goal is to loose 110 pounds in 14 months.  So by mid-June 2017.

My short-term goal is to loose 18 pounds by July 2016.

Second short term goal is to have lost 28 pounds by August 2016.

Third short term goal is to have lost 50 pounds by Thanksgiving….and to cook something spectacular to Thanksgiving dinner, because my family says I  can’t cook lol.

I am going to achieve my goal by making meal plans and STICKING to them, by cooking at home!  That is a huger issues for me: eating out, convenience, laziness when it comes to cooking because I feel like I have no time or energy left at the end of the day.  Cooking at home will help that by bringing my energy level up with nutritious foods.  The other thing that will greatly help is the start of an activity program.  So I am going to sign this contract with myself and make it happen.  I will also know that if I stumble, it doesn’t mean failure.  Every meal is an opportunity to get back on track.











10 Days

This is day two of my juice fast.  I stepped on the scale this morning and weighed in at 284.4…I lost nearly six pounds overnight!  That made me feel good after the hellish night I had.  I went to bed with a HORRID headache!  It felt like someone was squeezing my head with their finger like a melon.    So I had headache juice  from Joe Cross’s Reboot website, this morning and for lunch, then a made up juice. I just threw stuff in the juicer…wasn’t very tasty lol.

I have also decided that I am only doing this for ten days.  I can’t take it, I miss the flavor and texture of food.  I am so thankful that I have  friend who is couching me through this.  When I crave food, he tells me to stick to my guns and get through this.  Ten days, we will see where I am at in ten days. Hopefully I will loose at least fifty pounds.  I can then start working out and eating better, but I have to get past these sugar cravings.  All I can think of is “ham” (I’m a vegetarian.) and cheese sandwiches, and Spanky’s Pizza breadsticks.

Drinking water fills me up a little or at least distracts me from thinking of my hunger pains. It will be a long week.

Juice Fast

I have quit smoking, it has been a year, yay!!!  That is a victory in itself.  After smoking, junk food became my crutch, and I gained weight, a lot of it. I am currently at 290 pounds….yup, just 10 shy of 300. I almost cried when I stepped on the scale, but there it was and remained, 290.  I tried cutting back on eating out, making more meals at home…I lost two pounds, but gained them back during a stressful week.

A while back while watching Netflix on a cold, wintry Saturday, I came across two films that stuck with me; Hungry for Change  and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  Both talk about juicing to reset your body.  Sugar addiction is real, it is an epidemic in this country and is causing Americans to die, long, medicated, miserable deaths, etc, they said.  They’re right.  I have been thinking about this for weeks.  I feel sluggish, tired, my feet swell…sometimes to the point of feeling like they will split open.  My body is uncomfortable, my arms get in the way…I feel very bad, about the way I look and about my health.  I need to loose weight and fast.  I am the largest I have ever been and I feel like a balloon.

I decided to start a 60 day juice fast in the hopes of getting my body back to healthy weight and a better state.  Today is day one and they say the first days are the hardest.  I would agree.  I am going to be drinking four juices daily, followed by a tall glass of water and water in between a well.  Since this is a detox, my body is expelling toxins in the form of bowel movements and urinary expulsion.  After my first juice, I peed four times lol.

I read that bitter melon is incredibly nutritious, so my first juice was made of that.  It was from Joe Cross’s recipes on his  website.  The juice is called A Bitter Melon Juice for Weight Loss.   Omg was it bitter!  The recipe calls for pineapple but I didn’t get pineapple because it has a lot of sugar in it.  Instead I added an extra pear…it was so bitter and sour….so I added an apple and an inch of ginger to cut it.  That helped a little but oh my, I will never be drinking that juice again.  It is an acquired taste and I simply do not have what it takes to acquire it.

My second juice is “comfort” juice for me.  I have made it before and I love the taste of it.  It is Cucumber Pear Juice from the 2013 Whole Living Action Plan, and it is delicious!    My body is cleaning itself, which can be a tad uncomfortable, but must be endured.  Like all cleaning, you have to throw out the trash, your body will do that with juicing.  It will expel bodily waste in all forms, gas, bm and urine.  How much is expelled is dependent on the toxins in your body.  Get threw it, it will get better.  You may also experience headaches and HUNGER, but your body is not truly hungry.  When you juice you are getting a major boost in nutrients flooding into your body! That’s a huge power booster, but your body is also missing its most accustomed food source, sugar.  It will take time to get over this craving, stay strong.

My third meal of the day will be Grapefruit Carrot and Ginger Juice. I may add some celery to this, we’ll see how much juice it produce, or perhaps some cucumber.

My fourth will be Green LemonadeGreen Lemonade, but instead of lemon, Ill be using grapefruit as a substitute.

I will also be doing daily weigh ins to track my progress.






If it was easy, everyone would do it.-Day 3

Ok…so yesterday when I said I didn’t feel anything…I need to retract that lol.  Today, I felt something.  I felt it in my hips and lower abs all day long, which was great! I felt it in my hip joints where my legs meet my torso…yowza!  So today’s workout was a little more intense. I worked out hard, as hard as I could without blacking out…there were times when I felt I would when I was doing those push ups, omg.  I did Daily Burn’s Strength and Cardio today.  It hurt like a mofo lol.  My legs shook, my arms shook, my head let floaty…I had to cool don after that a little, and it was amazing.

I didn’t eat breakfast again today.  Today, I had no breakfast, two instant oatmeals, two tablespoons of veggie creme cheese, some black olive and garlic hummus and some almond crackers, dinner was brussel sprouts, an apple walnuts and maple syrup all fried and baked to delicious perfection.  I drank lots of water also.  My tongue has that salt taste on it from the crackers and hummus. I didn’t eat a lot today and my body is hungry so I’m baking some fries…soooo bad of me. 😦

I also realized I didn’t set any goals.  My goal by day 30, is to have lost at least eight pounds.  My overall goal is to loose 130 pounds.  Let’s not get a head of ourselves.  For the next three months, I want to focus on loosing ten percent of my body weight, which would be 28 pounds.  Daily Burn and some good planning will help me with that I think.

So here i to day three of my 365 day self challenge. I quit smoking six months ago, I can do this too! I believe in myself and the strength of power and perseverance. I can do this!!!

You did it once, you can do it again. -Day Two

You’ve done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination. -Ralph Marsten

Today’s workout was’t that fulfilling.  My body shook and my legs feel like jello, but I did not get a lot of tension release in my back.  My lower abs got a little workout but not so much my upper body.  The workout was called Core 1, so that makes sense to a degree.  I need to focus more, I’m thinking.

Not so great eating habits today.  The first week of the nutrition aspect of thi program focuses on eating breakfast…I did not eat breakfast today.  I woke up ;ate and didn’t get a chance.  I also forgot my lunch in the fridge.  I had left over Pizza Hut Alfredo pasta and a piece of garlic bread or lunch.  Tonight for dinner I am having an amazing white bean salad from 101 Cookbooks.  An amazing blog that I get a lot of my vegetarian recipes from.   I will try again tomorrow to eat breakfast.


What you do today can improve all of your tomorrows-Day One

I have been trying to get fit for years.  For some reason, I am unable to maintain the motivation that it takes to do this.   et my eating habits go, my house go, everything. I am full of distractions, excuses, lack of will power.  I push myself to much or not enough. Either way, I need to stop.

Today I started Daily Burn.  I just completed the first workout of “True Beginner.”

Eight years ago, I would have blown that work out away…now, my head feels light and I’m nauseous….over simple movements.  This tells me that my health is in the worst shape it has ever been. My feet and legs swell if I eat too much salt.  My heart rate accelerates from walking too far, and by too far I mean across a parking lot.  I weigh the most I ever have.  My face is puffy and my clothes are tight and uncomfortable.

I need to change this.  I will change this, or I will die.  Today, Sunday October 4, 2015, is the day I start my new way of life.  It will be challenging, it will be a struggle, some days will be better, some will be bad, but I will not give up.  I quit smoking six months ago, after five years of smoking.  I can do this.  After quitting I gained 30 pounds.  I was already obese, now I am obese class three.

I am 35 years old.


I am 5’7″ tall.

I weigh in at 279 pounds.

My BMI is 43.7

This will change, This must change, This is going to change.